We continue to build new partnerships with top teams in the blockchain industry to provide us with a competitive edge.


Our influencers are all over the world across Youtube, Bilibili, Telegram, Instagram and more. Our team help your project gain attention like never before.


We help crypto projects build from scratch. you’ll get a team of dedicated experts with the experience to actually contribute to your success.


Invest in potential blockchain projects to help you achieve your goals.


Our team of researchers provides the latest insights so that you and your team can obtain the information needed to make impactful decisions.


Use our huge network, bring the people you need to your project.

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Digital-sovereign crypto assets  will continue to emerge as leading stores of value and ultimately become reference units of account alongside state-sovereign currencies

Web3 infrastructure and the decentralized technology stack will allow for individual data ownership and control as well as better privacy

Open finance applications will be built on top of this infrastructure, allowing for trusted financial services accessible to a global investment public.

We are
0x wılds
venture capital
0X Wilds incubates innovative projects solving real-world problems by accelerating launch and development timelines to transform ideas into enduring blockchain organizations. All of our projects are meticulously vetted for quality with curated token engineering, providing a fast-track to IDO for projects and creating exclusive opportunities for sophisticated investors


We're proud to support great companies who are building a more transparent, accessible, and decentralized world. Our investments are protocol agnostic and global in scope.


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